Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is a natural way of treating physical symptoms in the body through nutrition. It looks at the body as a whole, with each system contributing to your overall health.

Instead of managing individual symptoms, we want to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to find the root cause of your health concerns.

Using food recommendations, supplements and herbs, a Holistic Nutritionist is looking to naturally restore the body’s proper function and create a balance of all of the body’s systems.

The Process

Incorporating holistic nutrition into your lifestyle includes eating fresh, whole foods that come from the earth, cooking with real ingredients and keeping chemicals out of daily care products. The goal is to achieve optimum health in a way that is sustainable and makes the most sense for your lifestyle.  

When you begin to see and feel the changes in your body, the most difficult part will be going back to old habits. Many of us don’t realize how great our bodies can actually feel and how much room there is for improvement within each of us. A healthy lifestyle is truly addictive once you have made the commitment long enough to see and feel the benefits. Feeling healthy physically is a huge aspect to our health mentally, and our overall happiness.

    Why See a Holistic Nutritionist?

    Nutritionists combine an in-depth understanding of nutrition with the latest research and clinical experience to provide individualized recommendations in a simplified way.

    Our training helps us put the pieces of your health puzzle together for you in order to get to the root cause of your health concerns.  We not only provide you with the basic education and information, but with the strategies to implement the information into your day-to-day life.

    As a practitioner, we are trained to ask the right questions in order to get a full picture of your health. We will assess your health and nutrition goals along with your lifestyle, schedule, food preferences, allergies & sensitivities, and your relationship with food to provide you with a customized nutrition plan and tools to succeed.

    The reasons people seek nutrition support vary, but a Nutritionist can help you in many ways, including with managing food sensitivities/allergies, digestive system disorders (such as IBS or celiac disease), hormone or thyroid imbalances, weight loss, changing dietary habits due to a medical diagnosis (such as diabetes or high blood pressure), skin conditions (such as eczema), family meal planning, gaining new recipe ideas or general nutrition tips.


    HST included where applicable

    Holistic Nutrition

    • 15 minute free consultation (by phone or in person, please specify)
    • Initial nutrition assessment (60 minutes) – $120
    • Follow up Appointment (30 minutes) – $50
    • 7 Day Menu Plan – $80

    Back on Track – $250
    Includes Initial Nutrition Assessment – 60 minutes = $120
    2 Follow up Sessions – 30 Minutes = $100
    7 Day Menu Plan = $80

    Deep Dive Into Health – $320
    Includes one 60 Minute Session
    and 4 x 30 Minute Sessions
    7 Day Menu Plan (value $80)

    Weight Management Program – $420
    6 week program
    Includes one 60 Minute Session
    Individualized 7 day menu Plan ($80 value)
    6 x 30 minute sessions for progress review

      Cancellation Policy:

      All cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment time. Any appointments cancelled outside of the 24 hours will be charged in full.  Each appointment is booked with a Practitioner who has prepared your session to maintain your wellbeing. This is also their valuable time and why we have these policies in place. Thank you very much for your understanding.