Setting The Standard For Your Well-Being

Setting The Standard For Your Well-Being

Welcome to Benchmark Wellness Clinic, where we’re setting the standard for your well-being! We are a team of healthcare professionals focused on client care and recovery. Our goal is to help you obtain your optimum health in the shortest time possible, in a clinic that you want to visit. We look forward to seeing you in the near future…

Setting The Standard For Your Well-Being
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What People Are Saying

I was a regular client of a few other massage therapists before Donna, and she is simply the best. She stands out as knowledgeable, skilled, and highly professional, with an uncanny knack for zeroing in on spots needing attention. No matter how wound up I am when I arrive, her treatments always leave me feeling calm, grounded, and restored. Highly recommended!

– Jim B

I can’t say enough good things about the treatment I have received at Donna’s hands — quite literally! It is wonderful to have full range of motion again in my shoulder and arm.

– Jane B

Dr Vazic is an excellent clinician, with an enthusiastic, research-driven approach to determining the problem and creating a tailored program to alleviate it. My physical fitness and indeed, my approach to wellness and life, have been permanently enhanced by my association with her.

– Stephen

Donna is hands down (pun intended) the best. She always asks if there is a particular pain or spot that I would like her to focus on. She finds knots that I had no idea were even there. Donna is professional and always punctual. Her kindness is evident in the advice that she gives after your massage as well.  

– Kris P 

As a tennis member of Bayview Golf and Country Club, I seeked Olja’s help for my sore shoulder. My shoulder pain improved greatly with her care and I was given an individualized exercise program to continue improving mobility and strength.

– Donald

Olja is the first massage/sports therapist, (and I have had many being a marathoner and triathlete), that has questioned me at length about an injury before beginning therapy. She got to the source of the problem and remedied it. Awesome experience.

– Charles

I’ve  been a client of Donna’s for over 10 years now. She is the best RMT I have worked with. She is always looking out for what’s in the best interests of her clients. Donna is continually learning new techniques to ensure that her clients are receiving high quality treatments. I highly recommend Donna!

– Sandra H

I strongly recommend Dr Olja Vazic for any one who wishes to reduce muscle and/or joint pain, increase flexibility and range of motion, or simply improve overall physical health. Her chiropractic and massage therapy skills have changed my approach to physical fitness and my golf game in a transformative way.

– Stephen

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Setting The Standard For Your Well-Being